From big ideas to small details.

We offer a full spectrum of communications services, and the expertise to recommend only those that will be most meaningful and effective for each client.

Communications Research and Stakeholder Engagement

Think of strategic communications research as the world’s best GPS. If you don’t know where you are today with the impact of your communications, smart research will tell you. If you’re not sure where you want to go, research can offer you options and tell you the ones most likely to move your target audience to action. And once you know where to go, great research shows you the true path forward.

At Seven November we have an insatiable curiosity for knowing exactly how our clients can best communicate to the right audiences at the right time in the right way. We custom design every project and methodology to ensure we are answering the right questions, and we connect the research outcomes to precise, actionable recommendations. In short, we tell you how well you are (or can be) communicating at any point in time – and how to improve going forward. [More…]

National Media Relations

Working with the national business, consumer and social media to place and manage on-message stories is in our fundamental DNA. We bring over 20 years of experience as spokespeople, communicators and media partners to advancing awareness of our clients through the press. We are extremely flattered that many of our client referrals come from journalists who appreciate working with us. [More…]

Communications Trainings

Communicating effectively with the media and stakeholders is an art unto itself. We apply our extensive work with the national media to create customized media training sessions that keep spokespeople on point and comfortable and presentation skills trainings that help spokespeople advance an intentional message.  We’ve delivered training sessions all over the country, and our on-message clients have appeared on The View, the Today Show, NPR, in Forbes, BusinessWeek, the Washington Post and more. [More…]

Writing Services

Effective and memorable communications – in the client’s particular voice. [More…]