Media Relations

Working with the national business, consumer and social media to place and manage on-message stories is in our fundamental DNA. We bring over 20 years of experience as spokespeople, communicators and media partners to advancing awareness of our clients through the press.

We are extremely flattered that many of our client referrals come from journalists who appreciate working with us.

Media Relations Counsel
We work collaboratively as client partners to advance their missions through proactive communications. Much more then simply pitching, we share our knowledge of how to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with journalists and influencers. We lead and implement media tours, journalist roundtables, editorial board briefings, blogger outreach or whatever may be necessary to spread the message.

Campaign Management
For short-term campaigns we design the media planning, implementation and evaluation that raises the visibility you need. Our national network of partners and collaborators allows us to pull in strategic thinkers from New York and DC or most major metro markets to lead regional coverage efforts.

Crisis Communications
As firm believers in the value of prevention, we work with clients to create, update and evaluate comprehensive crisis communications plans. We also lend a hand in crisis situations to ensure communications are handled professionally and proactively.